During the summer we ask ourselves, "Why am I    out of control".  You had so many plans for the summer, to get caught up, to paint that dresser, hold the yard sale, but life got in the way and things did not happen.

This scenario is all to common- but there is good news. There is always time to get things straight and get caught up with your list of things to do.

We get distracted by vacations and outdoor things this time of year, leading to problem areas like:

- Summer cluttler

- Project procrastination

- Random sleep routines

We buy outdoor furniture for our summer traditions and rituals, and entertain our friends with newfound gadgets in the back yard. What we need is a method to the madness.

Try not to buy things "on the fly", like trip or occasion specific purchases like beach umbrellas, swimming pool floats, and other items specific purchases.

Get all your clutter in one place, that is the first step in cleaning it all up. Choose what items you must have and prioritize everything.

We have lots of free time during the summer months. This can lead to procrastination. We tend to tackle jobs too big for our schedule.  Instead, try to pick one project and focus on it.  Break the project down into achievable steps, this greatly reduces the stress, and gives you achievable goals, both short term and long term.

Lastly we need to find a way to fit in 7-8 hours of daily sleep, whether that is all at one time, or achieved via naps during the days.  Consume less sugar and caffeine for a boost.